Monday, March 19, 2012


Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! Hopefully everyone spent a portion of the weekend enjoying some great local festive fare. 

New on Menupolitan as-of-today: the ability to view Top Users to see what they've added and voted on within Menupolitan. The users page also allows you to search for people to check out what's being eaten by others with great taste. While on the users page you'll notice a "User level" associated with each individual. You build status and increase your User level on Menupolitan by demonstrating good taste through your contributions and votes on the site.

Thanks to all who continue to help us discover great pdx eats!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Building Status

Today we completed development of User Status Levels. User Status is important because Menupolitan wants to display the very best things to eat, not just what's popular. As you demonstrate knowledge of local food, you'll move up in User Status. The more status you earn, the greater weight we give your input and contributions. User Status is one of the main methods we'll use to make sure the best items get to the top of the Menu. While there are many aspects to building status including the quantity of items you submit and vote on, the quality of your votes and contributions matters more than anything.

This also means we're ready to start reaching out to Portland's established food critics to ask for help building out the menu of Portland's best meals. If you're a local foodie or pdx food blogger, send us an email: team (at) If you do, we'll confirm your identity as a local food expert and manually assign you extra status.

Building status on Menupolitan will help you build personal exposure for your own website or blog. It'll also give you greater influence on Menupolitan and, in time, translate to real-world rewards and free meals. We'll talk more about this soon, stay tuned. In the meantime, start building your User Status on Menupolitan!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A winner, but sincere thanks to all.

We asked for your help, and we definitely got it. A very genuine 'Thank You' to those who helped us initially populate Menupolitan. After only a few weeks, we've got a great centralized menu with some of Portland's best meals. And because we're thankful, and because we like competition and rewards, we're giving a gift certificate to our top user; Matt Norman. Thanks Matt! We decided a certificate to the top restaurant thus far, Pok Pok, would be appropriate. 

Everyone, thanks so much for adding, voting and spreading the word about Menupolitan. We'd love you to keep it up!! It's exciting to see a growing menu of Portland's best meals.

Happy Valentines Day,

The Menupolitan Team

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Public Beta: Phase I

Today was the first day Menupolitan was open for public viewing. We're starting out simply by emailing friends and family. We encourage our early users to fill out the various menus with your favorite Portland meal, and also to send us your thoughts and feedback for improving the site.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Public Beta Soon!

Things under the hood are looking great! We're planning to start our public beta tomorrow, and are excited to establish a new kind of dining guide for the city of Portland.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Private Beta

A huge thank you to our private beta users who've helped populate Portland.Menupolitan in advance of our public launch. With just 30 or so friends, we've had nearly 300 excellent items submitted in just two weeks. This has filled out the various menus on Menupolitan nicely and has been a tremendous help. We're right now finishing up a few more features and as soon as we're done, we'll be ready to open things up to the city of Portland!

Thanks again!